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Echnical Service
Serve global customers with high international standards!Professional technicians and researchers help customers optimize product structure and material, confirm product production process, reduce production cost, and ensure product quality stability.Thus to meet the use, safety and life, to produce high quality, high performance, high level of casting. We are meticulous in management and meticulous in operation In eagle airlines, the basic technology of producing high quality and stable castings is high quality smelting, high quality liquid iron, high quality pre-furnace treatment and strict control of each process. Meticulous management, meticulous operation and strict process control guarantee the quality stability of high-end castings.Quality control plan and measures after all, do not discount, put product quality in the first place.Starting from raw materials, each process has standards and operating points, and product quality has to go through a series of tests to control melting parameters, chemical composition content, metallographic structure, performance indicators and so on within a narrow range.The performance test should include not only single cast sample, additional cast sample, but also bulk sample.Casting quality must not only be up to standard, but also very stable.

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